Saturday, April 25, 2009

~as i promise before~ LAB WORK....

Salam, hye guys... today as i promise, i would like to share with u guys my lab work picture.... errm, ok let's have a look...

weight machine, where we have to take the weight of all the apparatus

i do't know whats the name of this machine n what the uses of this machine, hhahaha... because we are not using this machine during our lab work.... sori for that

this is machine is use to get the size of fine aggregates.... as u can see there r many layers.... each layer have different size of hole... and the last layer have the smallest hole size.... u have to see it then u can understand what i'm talking about.... hehehehe

this is picture of the concrete during the slump test... our group have success mix the concrete and above r the result, our concrete is standing.... if there are a lot of water contain, the concrete will melt and not standing like picture above .....

i'm in Blue... hehehe, my favourite colour... ermm, we r the only 3 girls in this group.... besides, our class only have 5 girls in 1 class....huhuhu, but it's really interesting.... i want to introduce u guys with my fren.... the girl in the middle name's Naxahath... she's from Maldives... n the other girls name Diana, she's from Malaysia.... hehehehe

lastly, this is my whole group members with our lecturer Mr. Williams, our leader is Mbaruk... the boy who sit in the middle... heheheh Mbaruk from Tanzania.... hehehe....

so, the conclusion, we have a great time doing this lab work.... and for the result.... our concrete is ok and we all are happy n enjoy... ok guys... that's all for now.... insya-ALLAH, anything after this i will share with u guys.... wassalam

p/s: prays for our success in our final exam and test.... and the most important is our assignment.... huhuhu....


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


salam sume, it's been so long i didn't post anything here rite.... hurrmm, today is very great day... this morning, i have lab work for construction materials subject that conducted by mr.williams n kak zura... thanx to them....but, the picture i will share wif u guys maybe on this friday o saturday.... becoz, now i'm at my "LOVELY" college that have the "GREAT" internet connection.... so, i can't share it wif u guys... insya-ALLAH, i promise i'll share at my other post....

after the lab work, we went to the food court, and today Mbaruk treat us.....huhuhu, thanx a lot my friend [MBARUK].... then after all, i feel very tired n i suddenly fall a sleep until 6....huhuhu then tonight.... my brother sms my phone and he ask me to take him to the clinic because he got bad flue n cough n suddelny get asthma.... pity to him.... below is the picture where i snap at the clinic when he took the gas....

huurrmm, now he's feel better.... he got a lot of medicine from the doctor.... thanx to the doctor... we went to poliklinik [i forget the name] at Mantin....

ok, that's all for now, as what i promise to u guys, i'll share the lab work picture....maybe this friday or saturday.... ok, that's wassalam


Thursday, April 16, 2009

KENANGAN [16.4.09]

salam sume, waahh... penat btol hari ni.... huhuhu, mukaku dah terbakar dek matahari yang memancar sepanjang hari ni.... iyer ler, cube bayangkan 5 jam tengah padang without any tempat berteduh.... huhuhu, sedeyh tol.... kalah rasenyer nak berkawad kaki.... ikowt pengalaman aku r kat SMKAKL dlu.... kitroang slalu berkawad dlm 2 jam.... tp byk rehat.... ini 5 jam xde rehat... tp ade gak r aku curi tulang p kdai jap p beli air.... hehehehe..... xper2, demi civil engineering (course yg diminati) aku sanggup lakukan apa sahaja.... heheheh, insya-ALLAH.... hari ni adalah pengalaman dan esok adalah kehidupan....

kalo korang nak tau kenaper aku kater my face was burn of the sunlight... because today my group for surveying n measurement subject have field work.... surveying activity.... we thought the work is just like preveious activity like levelling, it's quite simple... but this one is more complicated.... but really interesting, because at least we got some idea about surveying.... my lecturer say that, for those who his job is surveyour have very good interest in the future... around RM10,000.... waaah, that's a lot ryte, but based on the project ler...kalo project kecik ne leh dpt gaji byk tuh.... but, if there r huge project, maybe u can get that RM10,000... hehehe.... insya-ALLAH..... rezeki di tangan ALLAH.... heheheh....

now, for this post.... i would like to share some picture that i snap just now when the levelling work.... our group activity start from 8am.... and actually we have to finish around 11am... but because of the work is complicated....we done our work around 1pm.... pity to my lecturer.... he had to cancel his class from 11am-1pm becoz of us.... our field work is not done.... huhuhu, thanx a lot Dr. Fathoni....

ni bayang2 ak.... hehehe, nak menunjukkan betapa panas nyer pagi n tengahari ini.... ngok r.... bebayang pown pjg camtuh.... can u imagine???

gmbr kat atas ni meunjukkan waktu bler dah penat... ak yang tengah minum air smbl check reading yg ade kat kertas tuh.... yg 1 girl tgh diri tuh name nyer Tiur.... dier drpd indonesia, then yg laki tuh lak namenyer Jihbaz.... ni one of my group member.... heheheh

atas ni lak gmbr abang wif brian.... yg tgh teropong tuh.... namenyer Tamara Brian.... dier ni lak drpd zimbabwe.... hehehehe... dorang ni pown apart from my group gak.... sbnrnyer yang teropong tuh... is not teropong btol.... itu namenyer theodolite or total station

so, this is fieldwork activity... sume ngah wat keje ak g snap gmbr.... hehehe, xper2.... tok share ngan u all jugek.... tp aper2 yg aku nak bg tau.... fieldwork sgt best.... tp nasihat ak bg yang baru nak wat fieldwork.... jgn sediakan payung sebelum hujan jew tau.... ade pepatah baru.... sediakan payung sebelum buat fieldwork.... wooo, panas terik....heheheheh

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


just now... when i have my free time... i surf one of my favourite web, i found one of the article that i think really good for us.... just want to share wif u guys... read it first... then think the moral of this story....

“A son’s sacrifice towards his parents is not complete until a situation arises whereby he buys and frees his parents from becoming slaves.” As we already know, we cannot deny the greatness of our beloved parent’s sacrifice, how they have spent most of the time lives to secure our future; their children’s future. From the time we were infants until we become useful people, they care for us. This is a story that relates to their sacrifice; a story about a boy and a tree in a countryside.

Once upon a time, when a boy was a small child, he used to play with a particular tree everyday as a hobby. Tree was very happy and wished that it could stop time from going on so that it could stay with the boy forever. But time goes on by and the boy gradually grows older day by day, year by year. Eventually, he doesn’t play with the tree anymore. So, the tree becomes very sad and lonely.

One gloomy morning, as the tree was standing alone, remembering the happy days they had together, it got a shock joy as the boy come back. He had come to ask for money and the tree didn’t hesitates even the least to give and sacrifice all it had with its capability, shedding all its leaves to give to the boy, leaving it bare and cold. The boy went away happily but didn’t return for along time.

A few years passed by and the boy has grown into a handsome man. Eventually, he came back to visit the tree, asking yet another favor for wood to build of his house. Once again, the tree sacrificed itself and was partly cut down. But again, the boy left the tree alone and never come back anymore.

In this story, the tree symbolizes our parents. The reality today is just as such. Children never appreciate their parents’ sacrifice but always asking for more. Parents, on the other hand, never abandon their children’s hope and sacrifice all they could. Some nowadays think that money could pay for what they have done, that is by giving their parents money. Actually, this concept is totally wrong.

Always remember, love has no substitute, be it billions of dollars or ringgit, no value can match the price of love. One thing need to remember is that, even if you service your parent for whole of your life, you still cannot pay for what they have done for you. The parent’s sacrifices are invaluable.



salam sume, sori yer... lame tol x update blog nih... ye r... diriku ini sudah semakin bz... my final is around d corner... lg 4 minggu = 1 month only.... huhuhuh, doakan ea.... bg dak2 matrik lak... alhamdulillah korang dah bes pekse an? pasni korang nak masuk or sambung U ner lak? per2 pown, decide on wat u want... jgn sbb kan org kiter amek course yg kiter x minat... heheheh...just an advice....

hari ni aq ade test construction materials... bout pavement design... huhuhu, nasib bek aku faham per yg lecturer aku ajar dlm kelas... kalo x fhm, blh pening kepala waktu test td... dah r carry marks 15%, adoooiii.... huhuhuh, doakan yer kengkawan ak dpt keputusan yg cemerlang for this sem....

then td aq p kat HEA... bg yg x tau HEA aper, HEA tuh stands for Hal Ehwal Pelajar... aku amek keputusan or lbh btol sijil IELTS aku yg aku penah post kan dlm blog ni dlu.... alhamdulillah, rezat sgt memeberangsangkan.... skang ni leh ltk rezat SPM ketepi.... tunjuk rezat IELTS n my future degree certificate for searching job.... heheheh.... ni aku nak share kt readers sijil IELTS yang baru aku terima td pg...

nasihat yg aku nak sampaikan kali ni.... bg yg blom amek IELTS n nak amek or duduk for this exam.... first, kene ready for ur mental n physical.... pastikan korang dlm keadaan yg sihat waktu amek IELTS exam nih.... mental lak.... jgn tension2, sbb korang diberi mase just 2.5 hours only for complete all the question.... bg yg baru nak amek.... gud luck to u.... n pd saper yg dah lepas.... alhamdulillah, congrates di ucapkan.... k r, pasni ade one more kelas for today.... pe2 t aku akn post kan kemudian.... salam


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


first award from cebisan harapan

second award from cebisan harapan

well, i get this award from my junior, cebisan harapan (Alia Adilah bt Musa), she's very cool girl... i met her when i was form 2 n she's form 1, our dorm is nearby that's why we meet each other... hehehehe, besides she's very hardwork n have a high level of confidence, that's why she's success in what she r doing.... i hope u can enjoy ur life on what u r doing soon, n don't forget thanx to ALLAH k, coz all the success that we get is from ALLAH.... tq n sorry for everything....

because i get this award, i would like to dedicate this award to all my followers especially my SMKAKL friends, no matter junior or senior... just take this award as one of my appreciate to u


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


last night i listen back the high school musical 3 songs.... the title is "high school musical", the lyrics make me touch... when i hear it back... i'm missing all my SMAKL friends... huhuhuh, now i want to type the lyrics high school musical songs...

Lookin' Forward From Center Stage,
Graduation Day,
Time To Get The Future Started!
What We Leave, What We Take With Us,
No Matter What,
It's Somethin' We're Apart Of!
We Learn To Fly.
Together Side-By-Side.
I Just Want The Rest Of My Life,
To Feel As Good As My,

High School Musical,
Lets Celebrate Where We Come From!
With Friends Who've Been There All Along, Just Like,
High School Musical!

Improvisation Without A Script,
No Ones Written It,
And Now We Have The Chance Too!
Someday We'll Be Lookin' Back,
Memories We've Had,
All The Songs That We Lived Through!
The Best Of Times,
So Why Leave Them Behind.
Why Can’t The Rest Of My Life
Be Like My,

High School Musical,
Who Says We Have To Let It Go?
Its The Best Part We've Ever Known,
Step Into The Future!
We'll Hold On to,
High School Musical,
Let’s Celebrate Where We Come From,
With Friends Who've been There All Along,
Just Like,
Our High School
High School Musical!

Now We Finally Realize
Who We Are, It Just Took Some Time
That You Learn And To Live To See The Truth
Can't You See The Truth?
Nothing's Ever Impossible,
Into The Future With Every Fall.
Until Forever we’ll Always Have High School!

Turn the Party, Let’s Celebrate!
Cause The Worlds One Big Stage,
And In It What You Want, It Can Be Yours!
Everybody Sing, Yeah!
Can You Show Us, Now We're Wanna Go?
It's Where The Status Is Here, Oh.
High School, Lives On Forever More!
High School, High School Musical!

High School Musical,
Who Says We Have To Let It Go?
It's The Best Part We've Ever Known,
Step Into The Future,
We'll Hold On to,
High School Musical,
Lets Celebrate Where We Come From,
With Friends Who've Been There All Along,
Oh Yeah!

I Wish My Life Could Feel Like A,

High School Musical,
Who Says We Have To Let It Go?
It's The Best Part We've Ever Known,
Step Into The Future!
We'll Hold On to,
High School Musical,
Lets Celebrate Where We Come From,
With Friends Who've been There All Along,
That's right, High School Musical!

these two picture is the most memorable picture for me... when i'm in high school....


TAGGED DR lagudarihati....

1. apakah hubungan awak dan dia ? [ dia tuh org y tagged kite ]
sudah semestinya shbt.... friend forever.... insya-ALLAH

2. 5 impression terhadap dia ?
die sweet .
die lembut je .
die baik .
die rajen .
die sng di ajak borak.... hahahaha

3. perkara yang paling memorable y die wat kat awk ?
sume yg dier wat memorable . paling memorable waktu dier gastrik kuat gler satu mase dlu... 1 batch riso.... ish3.... heheheh

4. perkara paling memorable y die kate kat awk ?
entah ler, setip kater2 yg kuar dr mulut seorang shbt tuh sume nyer memorable .

5.kalau die kekaseh awk , awk akn ?
mane leh ler... dier pown pompuan... name dier (NORAISHAH bt RAMLI) pompuankan... hehehe .

6. kalau die jd musuh awk , awk akan ?
hahaha, KALO jd musuh? sy akan lenyek dier cukup2... cm kentang lenyek KFC tuh.... hahha
eh, xde ler... kawan ne leh jd musuh... x baik jd musuh dlm persahabatan nih.... kan sha.... heheheh

7. kalau die kekaseh awk die perlu improve dlm ?
mane boleh.... as i said, dier pompuan ler.... heheheh

8. kalau die jd musuh awk, mungkin kerana ?
entah ler... xde pengalaman ler nak bermusuh2 nih.... sume nyer kawan2 .

9. overall impression tntg die ?
she's nice gurl ...

10. the most desirable thing to her ?
a very good relation.... freind forever...

11. apkh awk rase tntg pndgn org terhdp awk ?
ntah , byk sgt .. antrenye
r a j i n ; entah ler... rasenyer cam malas jew ak nih...

b a i k ; hahah ne de baik.... slalu kenekan org....
m e s r a ; maybe kowt... tp mesra ngan org dikenali je r

k l a k a ; hahaha, x tau naper dorang kater klaka...(lu pk r sendiri)
p a n d a i ; sume org pandai... not just me....
t a l k a t i v e ; ni mmg kowt... setiap saat nak cakap jew... hbs air liur.... heheheh

12. da character of you for yourself ?
i) buat sesuatu jgn dipaksa2 buat dengan rela... baru kerja tu siap.... heheheh
ii) family first.... friend second n lastly for those x kenal third.... heheheh

13. on contrary, the character u hate about you ?
pemalas sgt kowt diri nih.... tp kalo rajin tuh rajin sgt.... ish3, pelik2.....

14. da most ideal person you want to be with ?
entah ler... my future husband.... hahahahah.... insya-ALLAH, nak husband yang soleh n penyayang.... aaaammiiiinnnn....

15. for people who like you, tell smthing about them
syg korang sume....

16. ten people you tag ?
ten? ramai sgt tuh.... 5 je r.... heheheh
eisha... (yg ditag nih)
tqa izni .
izzah .
rafiq .

no 17 - no 21 x nk jwb ler eisha.... hehehehehe
by d way thanx....


salam sume, wah lame tol x update per2 kat blog ni ek...
bz ckit ler skang.... hehehehe,
by d way.... aku pelik gak ler sal tag2 nih....
heheheh, pandai2 jew dak2 ni wat tag sane tag sini...
heheheh, kengkadang soklan nyer same jew, tp masih bertag2 g....
hehehehe.... pelik2, per2 pown... smlm aku bukak 1 blog shbt aku ni...
rupe2 nyer aku pown di tag nyer jugek.... hehehe
per2 pown, for d first time for my friend....
saya balas ler tag nyer tuh.... heheheh
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