Monday, November 2, 2009

Hepi :)

Salam dan selamat sejahtera...

Now, i'm having some times to post something here... Oh man, first of all... I want to thanx to Allah coz give me sometimes that very precious until i don't know what to say. Second thing, i want to thanx to my parents cause both of them are very cool... u want to know why i feel extremely happy like..

Ok, now i want to tell u all... last saturday, i ask my parents to bring me to the car shop. U know what? i just estimate that my parents want to bring me to the second hand shop car and just looking around... oh gosh!!!! my parents brings me to the luxuries car shop.... All the luxuries car, [ferrari, lamborghini, audi sports car, aston martin, SLK, Nissan GTR, and etc.] all of it are in front of my eyes... huhuhu, i feel so happy at that time...

Now, i want to share few picture that i had snap from that shop... very precious moment at th
at time... i'll never forget it...

Me, Inside the Lombrghini

Audi Sports Car, do u want to know the price? over 1 Million... huhuhu, I wish i could have one... hehehehehe

Wif My mom besides the red ferrari

Red ferrari again

With my future car.... hehehehe

Nissan GTR, the fastest car and the best car... I think... hehehehe

Merce SLK... very nice car


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